About the Venue

Mombasa is a place entrenched in history, yet at the same time a fascinating, commercial and cosmopolitan port town situated in Kenya on the Eastern part of Africa. Mombasa island is connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries. The town overlooks a wide harbor, where commercial shipping mingles with traditional sailing dhows.

The true heart of Mombasa is found in the exotic old town, among the narrow winding streets and Arab architecture. The atmosphere is always heavy with the scent of spices. At the water’s edge is Fort Jesus, an imposing fort that stands watching over the harbor. Modern Mombasa is a city of great diversity and life. This is a town where all are welcomed and quickly absorbed intothis great coastal melting pot. Mombasa is a place where both history and progress are greatly valued, a busy harbor with a unique tropical pace. www.magicalkenya.com

Places of Visit on 13th June,2018

Construction of Miritini – Mwache - Kipevu Link Road and Moi International Airport Access Road

The road access to the Kipevu area has currently insufficient capacity and the government has decided to prioritize construction of the high capacity road link to connect the new Kipevu Container Terminal to the national highway network

Vehicle movement between Mombasa Island and the South Coast is through the use of Ferry services or alternatively a lengthy gravel road. The construction of this link road will also be part of the proposed Mombasa Port Area Development Project

Project Impact

On completion of the whole project, the road will have tremendous socio-economic development in the following areas;

  • The project will contribute to an increase in transportation capacity and complement the current expansion of the port facilities by providing additional route
  • The project will decongest the city of Mombasa by providing an alternative route to south coast through a Bypass
  • The project will stir development of the proposed Dongo Kundu free trade zone

Scope of the project;

The project is in three packages;

Package 1: From Miritini Jct to Mwache Jct. and Kipevu Link Road (10.4 km) 4 lane

Package 2: From Mwache Jct to Mteza (including Mteza Bridge) (8.96 km) 4 lane

  • Mwache Bridge (660m)
  • Mteza Bridge (1.440m)
  • Tsunza viaduct (690m)

Package 3: From Mteza (excluding Mteza Bridge) to Kibundani Jct. (6.86 km) 4 lane

  • Right turn viaduct

The pavement structure comprise of the following;

  • Single seal surface dressing
  • 50mm Asphalt Concrete binder course
  • 175mm DBM Basesourse (Upper layer)
  • 350mm Cement Bound GCS Base Course (Lower layer)

Dualling of Mombasa- Mariakani Highway (A8) project lot 1: Mombasa – Kwa Jomvu (A8) section

The project road is approximately 11.3km and forms part of the 500 km Mombasa-Nairobi highway. The project road starts at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue (A109) and Digo Road (A14) within Mombasa City. It runs in a northerly direction through Changamwe, Mikindani, before terminating at Kwa Jomvu

This project is an upgrade of the existing single carriageway to dual standards with 6 lanes complete with grade separated intersections at Changamwe, Mikindani, Kwa Jomvu junctions. NMT facilities and adjacent truck parking facilities, and service lanes to improve accessibility are also included in the contract.

The pavement structure comprise of the following;

  • Nairobi Bound Lane (LHS)
  • 200mm CRC Wearing Course
  • 80-150mm DBM, PMB (50/70 pen grade) Base Course
  • 150-250mm Cement Stabilized Subbase (Top Subbase)
  • 250mm G2 Subbase (Middle)
  • 100-250mm G5 Subbase (Lower)
  • 150mm G7
  • S4 subgrade
  • Mombasa Bound Lane (RHS)

The main difference for Mombasa Bound Lane (RHS) is that the Wearing Course is 50mm SMA (Stone Mastic Hot-mix Asphalt

The tour to KPA will provide the participants an opportunity to appreciate seamless connectivity of various transport modes within the port area particularly:

  • The SGR Marshallling Yard;
  • The Dongo Kundu SEZ site across the channel;
  • The ramps at the intersection of the Access Road to Port Reitz and the Phase I of Dongu Kundu Bypass to the West of Gate no.24;
  • The current status of Terminal Two; and,
  • The interface of Mombasa Port Area Development Project (MPADP) Phase I and Phase II.

Once again, the Joint Organizing Committee for the conference have identified Bamburi’s Haller Park Ecosystem as one of the excursion sites for the delegates. The park is a product of Bamburi’s efforts to convert barren landscape of disused limestone quarries into vibrant and diverse ecosystem of forest, grasslands and ponds. It host to a variety of wildlife and birds and the site is a tourist attraction favourable for those who want to savour the Kenyan heritage especially the international delegates.